Our Product Services

Tackle Finance Limited offers a range of financial products:

Hire Purchase

The VAT and any deposit is paid on signing. The balance and interest are repaid over a number of years to suit the customer’s business. A number of different payment profiles are available. The customer has the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the agreement so that full title transfers to them.


Similar to a Hire Purchase agreement in terms of a deposit being required on signing, but VAT is paid on any deposit and the payment throughout the agreement rather than on signing. At the end of the Primary Term the customer has the option to continue to ‘hire’ the equipment from the finance company for a nominal annual fee, or can sell it to an unrelated third party and retain a percentage of the proceeds of sale.


Finance is secured against the asset for a Hire Purchase or Lease agreement until repayments are made in full, and all applicable fees are paid.


The finance company lends the customer money direct for a purchase, rather than the finance being secured against an asset. This may be used where the customer wishes to finance a non standard piece of equipment, a building, or some livestock.

Operating Lease or Contract Hire are available on request. Please contact us for details, 01305 852225.

Frequently Asked Questions

What assets can you finance?
Tackle Finance primarily finances all types of…
Agricultural machinery – tractors, combines, trailers, cultivation equipment, grassland equipment, sprayers, spreaders
Construction machinery – excavators, dump trucks, forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, scissor lifts
Vehicles – cars, pick ups, vans, light commercial vehicles, HGVs, tankers, trailers
Large tools/machines – lathes, CNC machines, generators
Livestock – cows
Agricultural buildings & associated equipment – barns, pig farrowing units, chicken sheds & feeder/drinkers, parlours & bulk tanks
The above are examples, we can potentially finance many other assets – please contact us for further details – 01305 852225
Who can you provide finance for?

We mainly provide finance for businesses, where customers tend to be VAT registered. We can also provide finance for Consumer vehicles – please contact us for further details – 01305 852225